7 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Even Better!


1. Invest in some really great textile accents for the bed, like these bold accent pillows that are perfect for Sping! If you don’t splurge on high-quality sheets, soft comforters, and sleek duvets, you can at least make it look like you do. When you do splurge, you can avoid having to redo your entire bedding ensemble in just a few short months. Spend the extra money and get the right fit, the right make, and the perfect style. High thread counts = happy sleepers! If you need an extra something to commit to the splurge, think of how amazing those ultra-soft sheets will feel on your skin. Also remember that many people say a softer pillowcase in particular can help stave off wrinkles! Something with some slip allows your face to relax and move instead of getting hung up on a rough polyester corner.

2. Make your headboard dynamic. Choose sumptuous Headboard Upholstery to lend drama and dimension to your bedroom. When the delightful is this affordable, it’s a sin not to invest in a textural change.

3. Be sure that your bedroom has at least one statement piece, like this Luggage Chest or Vintage Steel Nightstand. Such a small change can add so much interest and intrigue. Each of these terrific treasures combines fun and function flawlessly.

4. Give your walls a fresh coat of paint every few years (or months!) to ensure that your look always stays fresh. It’s simple, cheap, and brings the biggest, boldest impact of all. Even if you have white walls and freshen them with a brighter white, everything looks a little different and new!

5. Set the mood with your lighting. If you like it bright, be certain to keep window treatments airy. If you prefer something a bit more ambient, use lighting with dimmers or a sculpted piece, like our porcelain Gnome Accent Lamp.

6. Liven up the room with fresh flowers and plants. Adding living things to your space not only adds interesting smells and textures that can’t be duplicated with man-made things, but can also actually freshen your space. Many plants are treasured for their ability to clean the air, while others help keep bugs under control in the warmer months. And of course there is that lovely thing called Oxygen we all just can’t live without. Try our Bonsai Box tree for year-round enjoyment in any space!

7. Freshen your fabrics by hanging them on the line to warm in the sunshine. If you don’t have a clothesline, try making a homemade refresher using vodka or water mixed with a teaspoon of your favorite essential oil. Combine and mix in a spray bottle. Spray linens as needed, shaking lightly before each use. It’s simple…it’s cheap…and it smells nice. Who’s going to argue with that?

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  1. cool,brillant information im going to make my bedroom look evan more smarter and more grown up before my best freind come round for a sleepover cant wait thanks for whoever made this website!im 12 years old and this has now made my brain come up with loads of other good idears about how to, make my bedroom look great!

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