This Halloween, Trick or TREAT YOURSELF!

Trick or Treat Yourself- Candy Corn

Halloween weekend is upon us, but when you’re in the lifestyle biz, let’s be honest, it’s more about the treats than the tricks (and we’re’ not just talking candy corn either).  Our BOOtique is filled to bursting with haunting accessories and tasty ideas for your home, so now’s the time to trick or treat yourself!

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We’ve Got BIG beautiful BALLS!


Actually, everyone does this time of year, don’t they?  But, have you got a PHAG ball (or seven)? Yes, that’s right, our artisan, over-sized balls are as colorful as they are large!  Each hand-painted glass ball is a unique work of art painted over a two-week period using a progressive layering technique refined by the

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Howdy, pilgrim!

Vintage Turkey Shoot

Let’s talk turkey! No sooner will you have worked off that scary Halloween candy binge before it will be time to belly up to the Thanksgiving table. We may not be able to do much about your waistline (sorry!) but leave the look of your buffet line to us. These mercury glass pumpkins take you

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PHAG says it’s time to get PHreaky!


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step inside PHAG’s cabinet of curiosities, a BOOtique of Halloween tricks and treats so PHABULOUSLY PHREAKY it’s guaranteed to strike fear in the hearts of haters. We’re giving you permission to cast off those inhibitions… and get creative! But the clock is ticking…  Do you have last minute parties

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This is your PHriendly reminder that Halloween is just 10 days away!  It’s time to get serious about your costume, lest your plans run… WHOO-HOO-HOO are you planning to be? Might we suggest an owl? Pinterest is packed with owl-inspired makeup ideas: Do you know why the owl is a popular Halloween image? In Medieval

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