Orphan Black Felix POP Vinyl- Diva Figure


Orphan Black Felix POP Vinyl- Diva Figure


Orphan Black collectible.

Felix POP vinyl figure.

Made of hard vinyl.

Approximately 4 inches.

No longer in production.

Felix Dawkins is the younger brother of the lead character in the hit BBC America series, Orphan Black.  This Canadian Sci-Fi thriller television series stars Tatiana Maslany playing the lead role of Sarah Manning, as well as numerous roles of identical people who are clones.  Felix, brilliantly played by Jordan Gavaris, is a struggling artist, a diva of sarcasm, and a bit of a hustler.  Though he’s often willing to go along with the outrageous and sometimes illegal plans of foster sister Sarah, and foster mom, Mrs. S, he often operates as the unlikely conscience and gay voice of reason on the show.  Now you can relive some of your favorite moments from the series with this Orphan Black Felix POP vinyl collectible.  The perfect gift for fans of the show and POP vinyl collectors alike.  Approximately 4” tall. Featuring the signature POP vinyl rotating, oversized head. Sold individually.

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