Santa Monopoly Clothtique Sculpture


Santa Monopoly Clothtique Sculpture


Limited Edition collectible Santa Monoploy sculpture.

Part of the Possible Dreams collection.

Licensed by Hasbro.

Made of clothtique.

Approximately 10 inches high.


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From Mediterranean Ave. to Boardwalk, this Limited Edition collectible Santa Monopoly sculpture is sure to lift holiday spirits!  Part of the Possible Dreams collection, this Santa is crafted with amazing attention to detail.  While Hasbro’s beloved board game hasn’t been around quite as long as Good St. Nick, the game of Monopoly is an honored tradition at many family gatherings- and this unique sculpture will be too.  Dressed in a suit that pays homage to Mr. Monopoly himself, with game in hand, this sculpture is made of clothtique, best known for its realistic folds and wrinkles.  Approximately 10″ high.  Sold individually.

Note:  Availability of this item is limited to the inventory on-hand.  This item has been retired and is no longer in production.


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