At Philadelphia Home Art Garden, the equation is simple:


+ phag-logo =

A PHabulous

The PHundamentals

Since 2003, PHAG has been a coveted resource for PHunky yet sophisticated home furnishings, garden décor, entertaining accessories, and kitschy gifts—all thoughtfully selected to capture a variety of looks and price points, and to reflect your individuality and lifestyle.

Unlike most home décor and furnishing retailers that focus on a specific “style” or “price-point,” our focus is simply on providing an amazing selection– something for everyone! Please don’t misunderstand. “Something for everyone” doesn’t mean, “every home & garden item under the sun.” Our curators hand-select everything you see, offering only pieces we think are amazing and represent the PHAG aesthetic. If it “speaks to us,” we can’t wait to sing its praises to you!

What we’re about?

Researching and sourcing really cool, unique stuff.

What makes us gay? (of course we mean happy)

Sustainable, artisan, eclectic, fun colors, amazing craftsmanship, distinctive finishes, limited run or one-of-a-kind, camp & kitsch, community.

What makes us weep?

Irresponsible business practices, particle board, available only in brown, mass production, big box retailing, unfair pricing, “matching” sets, anything boring.

What makes you PHamily?

An appreciation for the beautiful, functional, inspiring, and artfully designed.

It’s not about the label. It’s about a lifestyle.

Our PHilosophy

We believe life is meant to be lived to its fullest every day! Beautiful things – dinnerware, a chair, or a prized pearl necklace (yes, we said pearl necklace), help us make the most of the little moments in our great big, busy lives.

There’s more to a home than walls and windows, and there’s more to design than products with a purpose (snore). We don’t just curate a collection, we cultivate inspiration. You need dinner plates and pot-holders anyway, so why not invest in a little kitsch for the kitch? Don’t allow your home to be taken over with one-size-fits-all, mass-marketed merchandise. Think quality over quantity, invention over convention, and rely on our constantly evolving selection of amazing stuff to create the backdrop for your life!

From the bar to the boudoir, to the pool and patio, to whimsical gifts that will make a lasting impression, PHAG has you covered– and your walls, and your floors, and your countertops, and your

Home Decor Equality for All!