Embellished Wall Art Collage- Set 8


Embellished Wall Art Collage- Set 8


Wall art collage by Lori Siebert.

Set 8- vintage inspired embellished blocks

Made of wood with paper, embellishments, and hand-painted details.

Approximately 3 inches x 4 inches.

Extends approximately 2″ from the wall.


Finding inspiration from an amazing art collage is pretty simple these days, just take a quick look at Pinterest or Instagram- we’ve even featured a couple of our own designer creations on the PHAG blog, so we know you’ve seen them!  However, if you’re like most, you were probably thinking… “I wish I could do that.”  So, as usual, we’ve got a great solution for the collage-challenged!

PHAG is proud to present a vintage inspired collection of eight embellished blocks that takes the guess work out of making an amazing wall art collage.  The set features an assortment of colorful art blocks designed by artist, Lori Siebert, each with a unique print or decoupaged paper as a backdrop for embellishments ranging from vintage-style locks and cherub figurines, to sculpted flowers and brooch-style jewels.  Retro style typography is used throughout the set to enhance the vintage appeal.  Each block is approximately 3″ X 4″ and extends approximately 2″ off the wall.  The set can be arranged in many ways to suit the size and shape of your individual wall space.  Made of wood with paper, embellishments, and hand-painted details.  Sold as a set.

About the Artist:  Lori Siebert is an eclectic artist who creates everything from sculpture and drawing to painting and illustration.  She uses media such as acrylics and watercolor, resulting in challenging combinations of textures and colors. Constant experimentation with new techniques coupled with an insatiable curiosity is a defining trait of her style.  Her unique design sense and a fresh approach to color give each collection its own unique and tactile personality.


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