Iridescent Rainbow Bar Tools- Set 4


Iridescent Rainbow Bar Tools- Set 4


Set 4- iridescent rainbow bar tools.

Includes:  shaker, double jigger, spoon with muddler, and strainer.

Rainbow plated iridescent finish.

Made of stainless steel.

Shaker holds approximately 18 ounces.

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Our set of four iridescent rainbow bar tools provides all the essentials you need for the perfect bar setup at home!  Each piece in this shimmering set features a rainbow plated, iridescent finish that sparkles and shines in ways that will make even fairies and unicorns jealous.  It’s all the tools you need to magically craft the perfect cocktail in one set.  The curated, four-piece collection includes a metal shaker that holds approximately 18 fluid ounces, a double jigger for accurately measuring .5 and 1 ounce pours, a bar spoon with muddler, and a standard cocktail strainer.  Made of stainless steel.  Sold as a set.


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