Novelty Ceramic Gnome Mug with Hat Lid


Novelty Ceramic Gnome Mug with Hat Lid


Novelty gnome mug with hat lid.

Made of ceramic.

Hand-painted with high gloss finish.

Approximately 7 inches high.

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Our novelty ceramic gnome mug is perfect for any gnome enthusiast!  Happy to spread a little kitchen cheer, the expression on this little guy’s face is priceless.  The design includes a colorfully dressed character in blue and green, complemented by a vibrant red hat that serves as a lid, making this unique accessory more than just a standard mug.  Like fairies, gnomes are among the magical wee folk that have long been fixtures in fables, myths, and ancient folklore.  These usually jovial (but admittedly mischievous) characters are commonly known as guardians of treasures- you do treasure your morning cup of Joe, don’t you?  Made of ceramic.  Hand-painted with a gloss glaze finish.  Approximately 7 inches high.  Sold individually.


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