NPIC Art Magnet- Baby Momma Drama


art magnet- Saint mj
art magnet- warhol

NPIC Art Magnet- Baby Momma Drama


Vinyl front with magnetic backing.

Made in the USA.

Size: 4×6

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This magnetic version of our best-selling jeweled box print entitled, “Baby Momma Drama” presents a contemporary perspective on what artist, Rah Crawford, feels the Virgin Mary likely wanted to say to the many haters she encountered who mocked, chastized, or refused to believe her story of the immaculate conception, the most classic of Biblical stories. Contemporary art is printed on canvas, wood, metal, and other mediums, why not magnetic sheets? These 4 x 6 prints by artist Rah Crawford, feature crisp color, his trademark NPIC styling, and full magnetic backing. The price is so affordable, you can collect, curate, and exhibit them in your very own home! Choose from “Baby Momma Drama,” “Frida,” “Saint Michael Jackson,” and “Warhol.”   Made in Philadelphia, PA.  Sold individually.


Baby Momma Drama, Saint MJ, Warhol


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