Wood Chandelier Plank Art- Black


Wood Chandelier Plank Art- Black


Wood chandelier plank art.

Baroque-inspired design.

Distressed black finish.

Size:  15″ x 24″.

Also available in candelabrum style.

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Hang it high, or hang it low- just hang it in a room reserved for Rococo!  Our wood chandelier wall décor features the unique graphic imprint of a classic white chandelier on a distressed black wood plank background. The detailed illustration is accented by deep red text that reads, “Rococo,” referencing the elaborately ornamental late baroque style of decoration that was prevalent in 18th-century Continental Europe.  Engineered wood planks create a unique surface for displaying graphic art.  It is durable, easy to hang, and is suitable for a wide range of decorating styles.  Coordinating candelabrum art is also available in this style.  Approximately 15” wide x 24” high. Sold individually.


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