Novelty Trump National Embarrassmints


Novelty Trump National Embarrassmints


Novelty Trump national embarrassmints.

Miniature mints provide a guaranteed fresh mouth.

Packaged in a collectible tin.

Approximately 72 pieces.

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Stale breath?  Get it OUT of here!  Our novelty Trump National Embarrassmints will make all your bluster just a little fresher.  These mints may be tiny in size, but they’re really HUGE.  Simply pop one of these mints before you mouth off, and everything you say will be… the same, exactly the same.  Unfortunately, these mints don’t do anything to prevent ignorant speak, but they do give you a fresh mouth.  Packaged in a miniature collectible red, white, and blue tin with an image of The Donald on top wearing his signature cap, with a twist- it says, “Make America Stupid.”  Contains approximately 72 miniature mints.  Sold individually.

Product Safety Disclaimer:  To preserve the value and integrity of all our other products, we have constructed a special wall around our stock of Trump merchandise to contain the misogynistic, racist, and bigoted aura that may emanate from products bearing his likeness.  No worries, this was built at no cost to you.  Clearly, Mexico paid for it!


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