Hipster Halloween Box Art

$18.50 $9.25


Hipster Halloween Box Art

$18.50 $9.25

Hipster Halloween box art.

Painted in all the colors of the season.

Text reads, “Happy Hipster Halloween.”

Made of wood.

Approximately 10 inches.

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Word on the clothesline is that our Hipster Halloween box art is deck this season!  For  those non-hipsters who may have accidentally stumbled upon this product- rest assured, deck is just another way of saying cutting edge or hip- there’s nothing fin going on here.  Painted in all the colors of the season, this box art features an image of a purple plaid clad juicer jack-o-lantern sporting a deck stache- looking like he may bust a moby at any minute.  One statement sums it all up, “Happy Hipster Halloween.”  PHAGs carefully curated Art Gallery goes beyond the bounds of traditional canvas and paper prints to include other mediums such as wood box art, painted planks, printed ceramic and porcelain, and steel mesh.  This item is made of wood.  Approximately 10” long x 5” high.  Sold individually.


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