Spectacular Christmas Reindeer Stocking

$44.50 $22.25


Spectacular Christmas Reindeer Stocking

$44.50 $22.25

Spectacular Christmas reindeer stocking.

Silver, red, and white.

Made of velvet with hand-sewn embellishments.

Approximately 22 inches high.

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Our Spectacular Christmas reindeer stocking is holiday glamour at its best!  Hand-crafted with impeccable attention to detail, this is one PHabulous stocking.  Embellished with silver holly leaves, stars, candy canes, and ornaments, this plush velvet stocking is cut in the shape of a deer silhouette.  To complete the look, the stocking is adorned with red pompoms, hand sewn sequins, and beads in hues of red and white.  The black beaded lashes on this spectacular stocking push the design well over the top!  Made of velvet with embellishments and a metal tag bearing the brand of the artist.  Approximately 22″ high.  Sold individually.


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